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Worship Ministry

Praise and worship, as an expression, is at the very heart of our church services: Whether it is a formal Sunday gathering, a prayer session or some other meeting, praise and worship sets the tone and atmosphere, highlighting our reason for gathering. It brings and gives attention to the God whom we’ve come to honour.

We gather together to worship our God, who deserves all reverence and homage.

Here at the KCOG we incorporate a balanced mix of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that cheer the soul; uplift broken hearts and point us toward our Saviour. The eclectic mix of the congregation lends itself to a wide and varied format for song selection. Urban Contemporary material makes up the majority of our repertoire; we also include older standards and well known hymns that usher the congregation into His presence and allow a liberty that makes ministry easy and effective. As a praise and worship team, it is our duty to “lead” the congregation into a time of free, focused and unhindered expression to the Lord.

We want the presence of God to move among us and minister to each heart, and so we are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit who makes all the difference in our lives.


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